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Queen Bee’s Day Nursery is proud to work in partnership with The Professional Nursery Kitchen based in Basildon, Essex.

The Professional Nursery Kitchen deliver freshly prepared meals and groceries to our Nursery and our Menus have all been carefully and nutritionally planned to ensure children receive the correct nutrients and energy to support their growth, development and learning.

“Our meals are prepared from the best locally sourced ingredients and are delivered fresh. All of our recipes and methods are available in the recipe page so that parents can make their child’s favourite dishes at home”

Smokey BBQ Beef

The Professional Nursery Kitchen’s key motto is that they take care of the meals and make the meal time process as risk free as possible so we can take care of the children! The seamless process involves the food being delivered to us out of hours in their refrigerated vans and packed into our fridge correctly with temperatures recorded throughout the process.

Our Level 3 Kitchen Supervisor oversees the operations of the Kitchen, including cooking the food to temperature, food service and all mealtime preparation required. We deliver the best Hygiene and Environmental Health standards consistently and we are proud to hold our 5 Star Environmental Health Rating.

Allergies/Dietary/Cultural Requirements

As a Nursery, we pride ourselves on implementing and consistently delivering, our robust Allergies/Dietary and Cultural Requirements Policy and Procedures. We ensure all children are safeguarded within our care and their welfare is considered our primary focus at all times. The Professional Nursery Kitchen’s ordering system allows us to see every ingredient listed within each meal and we can therefore adapt meals to meet every child’s individual needs.

We implement further procedures within the Nursery, to deliver the best practice for all of our children and ensure every member of staff is on board and aware of these procedures, guarantying the safety of all children. Every child with a specific dietary requirement will have their food served to them on a red plate and this highlights awareness to all staff to pay particular attention to the food being served. Excellent communication between the kitchen and the team within each room, ensures that everyone is aware of the meal being served and the differentiation in place for specific children.


We promote independence for our children right from the beginning during their time in Baby Bees and develop this further until they reach Busy Bees. We encourage the children from Baby Bees (age appropriate) and onwards to self serve their vegetables at snack/meal times, as well as serving their own snack and pouring their own milk or water.
Not only does this promote their own self help and care skills, it really encourages the children to become a part of the meal time process and engage with the food and each other.
Mealtimes are a very important part of Nursery Life and we ensure we actively and only ever positively promote the food to the children.

Getting our children involved!

Not only do we promote Self Serving for our children, we also integrate Cookery sessions within the children’s day. This allows children to experiment with different foods and tastes and really get involved in the process of creating their food to then taste their creations once cooked! Our children absolutely love their cookery sessions! The great thing about The Professional Nursery Kitchen, is that all of their Recipes are online for Parents to view! Therefore if you are keen cooks like we are here at the Nursery, you can make our delicious and importantly nutritious recipes at home yourselves for the whole family !

Keeping Healthy is such an integral part of our everyday lives and our cookery sessions, promote such skills for our children. We wash our hands before and after every cookery session, as well as wear our hair nets to protect our food! We also like looking like Grace who works in the Kitchen!

Bringing everyday real life objects and equipment into these sessions, allow the children to experience them first hand and experiment with the ingredients as they please. We practice using both fine and gross motor skills to demonstrate control when tipping, pouring and mixing! We particularly enjoy the end result when we get to taste our creations!