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Our Busy Bee’s room, welcomes children of 3-5 years and is also known as Pre-School..

. The room has been carefully designed to provide children with a wealth of opportunities to play and learn across all areas of their development. The children have access to role play areas, a cosy library corner, messy play activities, desk time, computers, a SMART Whiteboard and so much more to engage in and explore! Children in this room, have opportunities to complete activities at their desks, which is a great preparation for when they start school.

The Busy Bee’s Room has connecting doors into Bumble Bee’s, which are opened daily, allowing free flow from room to room, whereby the children can interact with each other and experience new activities. This room is equipped with our Interactive SMART White Board. The children can interactively use this board, particularly through group activities within Literacy or Numeracy which also promotes the use of I.C.T within the nursery.  


Children are cared for in this room on a ratio of 1: 8. One member of staff to every 8 children as a minimum. Our staff are extremely dedicated in ensuring all children feel safe, secure, nurtured and confident to express their own individuality within the Nursery. They are committed in ensuring both yourselves and your children feel valued and respected and needs are consistently met across the board.

School Ready

Within the Busy Bee’s Room, we focus intently on getting the children ready for their next journey at school and implement aspects of School into the Nursery day. We incorporate the use of a tray system, whereby children place pieces of finished work into their named tray ready to take home. We also participate in PE sessions, allowing the children to get dressed into their PE kits and carry out their Physical Activity, focussing on those key independent skills. The children in Pre-School carry a book wallet to and from Nursery and we also provide children with optional Homework tasks that children can participate in at home and Parents can upload onto our Tapestry software. This could be going for a visit to the park, writing their name, making a cake etc all tasks we know the children will enjoy and be able to share with their friends at Nursery!

Structured Days

The Pre-School Room offers the children structure to their day, as well as free time and incorporates the balance of the both. Children have time to focus on learning, practicing skills such as pencil control, letter and number formation and so forth. However, they are also exposed to a wealth of opportunities to engage in pretend play, messy play and more, meeting all aspects of The Early Years Foundation Stage. We incorporate a sense of structure and routine into the Pre-School Room, allowing the children to understand what their day consists of and all of the fun things they’ll be getting up to. We promote table time activities and also set up active world trays, full of engaging and stimulating activities for the children to participate in.

Parents as Partners

We fully promote the ‘Parents as Partners’ concept at Queen Bee’s Day Nursery. Parents and/or carers know their children better than anyone, so we believe that it is vital to work together to achieve the best outcomes for every child. The Nursery uses the software ‘Tapestry’ to track children’s development and allow Parents to see pictures of what their children are getting up to throughout their time at Nursery. Parents/Carers are also able to upload photos and videos of what their children are getting up to outside of Nursery life, which we are always excited to see!

Soft Play Gym

Children within the Busy Bee’s room participate in daily sessions within the Soft Play/Sensory Room, promoting their fine motor and gross motor physical development. They are provided with ample sensory activities, including coloured lights, different tactile materials and various sounds for them to experience and explore. Equipment within the soft play gym promotes skills such as manoeuvring around objects, balancing, jumping, hopping and so much more! The large colourful ball pit is a great fun place for your child to experience with their peers.

The Garden

Children within Bumble Bee’s will have daily access to the garden, to experience the outdoor environment and make use of all the resources within this area. Please click onto ‘Our Garden’ tab, that explains some of the activities your child may participate in within the outdoor area.


One of our loveliest events that we hold within the Pre-School Room, is our Graduation at the end of the year for our Pre-School leavers! It is of course one of the saddest events as it’s the time we have to say goodbye to many of our children. It is however a time to celebrate all of our children and recognise all of their achievements at Queen Bee’s Day Nursery!


This is such a great age where children wish to be independent with activities and love exploring and trying new things! All staff actively promote independence and are there to offer any guidance or support when needed!

We understand, that some personal routines such as eating, trying new foods, and starting to potty or toilet train, can be very worrying experiences for children. Therefore, we will focus on ways to assist, encourage and support any child who may experience difficulty carrying out a particular routine. We work to meet the individual needs of every child and their families, therefore any request can be thoroughly discussed to ensure it can be successfully met.

The children are regularly assigned jobs of responsibility, such as the water monitor, book monitor, sharing various equipment out and so forth. Not only does this promote independence, it gives each child a real sense of responsibility and begins to prepare them for the similar types of responsibilities they may encounter at school.


We are extremely dedicated, in ensuring children at this age, are confident individuals who are ready to transition and take that next big step to school. This is achieved, through working closely with the local schools in the area. We welcome teachers into the Nursery from the children’s allocated school, to come in and observe the children and get an insight into them before they start with them at School.

Once we are aware of your child’s allocated school, children will receive a personalised ‘Starting School’ Book that has been individualised for every child. Within the book children are able to see pictures of their new school, the uniform they will be wearing, friends also transitioning to the same school and a ‘School Ready’ checklist and activities that the children are able to work through with both us at Nursery and yourselves at home.


All children are entitled to 15 universal hours (FEEE), the term after their 3rd Birthday. However some Parents/Carers are eligible for 30 hours (FEEE) and should check their eligibility online. We are pleased to be able to offer 30 hours and offer our individual Funding Guidance as a Nursery which explains how to allocate your hours. Please enquire for more details.

Yes. Once your child is entitled to their Free Early Educational Entitlement, you have the option to send your child to Nursery in line with the Term dates. However, you are also able to stretch your Funding across the year if you wish to do so. Please enquire for more details.

We encourage all Parents/Carers to upload onto our Tapestry Software of what you have been getting up to outside of the Nursery. We love to share the pictures you upload at Nursery with your child’s peers. In Pre-School we set a list of optional Homework tasks every term, whereby you can complete optional homework tasks with your child. These may include tasks such as going for a walk, visiting a local place, buying something from a shop or alternatively, your child writing their name, singing a song and so forth! All of these homework tasks can be uploaded onto Tapestry for us to share!

Price list

Full Day
7.30am – 6.00pm
Full Week
7.30am – 6.00pm | Monday – Friday
Pre-school Day
9.30am – 4.00pm
Half Day AM
7.30am – 12.30pm
Half Day PM
1.30pm – 6.00pm
Extended AM (inc. lunch)
7.30am – 1.30pm
Extended PM (inc. lunch)
12.30pm – 6.00pm
Ad-hoc Hourly Rate
7.00am – 7.00pm