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Our Bumble Bees room, welcomes children of 2-3 years…

Transitions to this room from Baby Bees, will be made when the time is right for the child. This is completely dependent on the child and the decisions made between the child’s Key Worker and the Parents.

The room has been carefully designed to provide children with a wealth of opportunities to play and learn across all areas of their development. The children have access to a role play area, a cosy book corner, messy play activities, desk time, a SMART Whiteboard and so much more to engage in and explore! The Bumble Bee’s Room has connecting doors into The Busy Bee’s Room, which can be opened when we have key events such as Birthdays! We may also open the doors to allow free flow from room to room (if appropriate to do so), whereby the children can interact with each other and experience new activities. There is also a connecting door from The Baby Bee’s room to this room, which is important for the transition period, allowing children to become confident in spending sessions within a new environment for when they will eventually be full time in a new room!


Children are cared for in this room on a ratio of 1: 4. One member of staff to every 4 children as a minimum. Our staff are extremely dedicated in ensuring all children feel safe, secure, nurtured and confident to express their own individuality within the Nursery. They are committed in ensuring both yourselves and your children feel valued and respected and needs are consistently met across the board.

Your Child’s Key Person

Once your child starts with us, they will be assigned a Key Person, who is responsible for ensuring that your child’s learning and care is tailored to meet their own individual needs. Most importantly, they will work closely with yourselves, to ensure that communication is kept consistent to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child. The Key Person will communicate with you daily at key handover times, whereby key information regarding your child can be discussed.


Every child will have their own individual care plan drawn up on starting the Nursery, which states important information, including any allergies and intolerances they may have. Careful discussion at the initial meeting will allow us to determine your child’s daily nutritional intake. Please refer to the 3 weekly menu to see some of the fresh meals and snacks that we provide our children.

Parents as Partners

We fully promote the ‘Parents as Partners’ concept at Queen Bee’s Day Nursery. Parents and/or Carers know their children better than anyone, so we believe that it is vital to work together to achieve the best outcomes for every child. The communication that takes place between the staff in this room and Parents/Carers, ensures that all routines and requirements for the child are kept consistent. All information regarding your child, such as their sleep patterns, meal times, activities participated in and so forth, will be carefully logged onto our Daily Forms for you to read at the end of every day.

Soft Play/Sensory Room

Children within the Bumble Bee’s Room participate in daily sessions within the Soft Play/Sensory Room, promoting their fine motor and gross motor physical development. They are provided with ample sensory activities, including coloured lights, different tactile materials and various sounds for them to experience and explore. Equipment within the soft play gym promotes skills such as manoeuvring around objects, balancing, jumping, hopping and so much more! The large colourful ball pit is a great fun place for your child to experience with their peers.


We respect that all children and their families have their own values and beliefs and we will work tirelessly to meet your own individual and specific needs. We encourage children’s independence across all areas of development and continuously support them to reach new goals and achievements. All activities are carefully planned and differentiated to meet the individual needs for every child within our care. We promote and celebrate various Faiths, Beliefs and Cultural Events, integrating these into the Nursery to celebrate and learn together, ensuring all children feel self worth and a sense of pride to share their special events with us.


This is such a great age where children wish to be independent with activities and love exploring and trying new things! All staff actively promote independence and are there to offer any guidance or support when needed!
We understand, that some personal routines such as eating, trying new foods and starting to potty or toilet train, can be very worrying experiences for children. Therefore, we will focus on ways to assist, encourage and support any child who may need additional support. We work to meet the individual needs of every child and their families, therefore any request can be thoroughly discussed to ensure we can work together to support the child as best we possibly can.
Within the Bumble Bee’s Room, the children have access to their own handwashing sink and staff continually support and re-enforce the importance of hand washing throughout the day.
Children self serve at meal times whether it be fruit, yoghurt or oat bar at snack time or their side dish accompanying their meal at lunch/tea time. We ensure that all children are encouraged to be as independent as possible and keep persevering to reach their end goal!

The Garden

Children within Bumble Bees, will have daily access to the garden area, to experience the outdoor environment and make use of all the resources available to them. We also enjoy bringing indoor learning outdoors and love utilising this area to extend on from our indoor activities! Please click onto The Outdoor Environment link, which details some of the activities your child may participate in within the outdoor area.


We are focussed on working with yourselves to support your child with this care routine and will be guided by your decision as to when you feel your child is ready to start this transition. Children will be taken to the toilet as often as required and we promote the use of sticker charts/stars of achievement to support the process. We do ask that you send in enough spare clothes, ensuring the process is as calming and supportive to the child as it possibly can be.

All children are offered the opportunity to nap if they wish. The main nap time takes place just after lunch (from 1pm), whereby we settle the children and aid their rest through calming sleep music and ensuring they have their comforters with them. Children are provided with fresh sheets which are placed over our sleep mats and are also given lightweight blankets if required. All children are closely monitored throughout the sleep time routine and are also sleep checked continually by supervising adults.

Queen Bee’s Day Nursery uses the Software Tapestry, by which we carry out observations of children and evidence these observations through photographs. These are uploaded onto the online portal, whereby Parents can log in to their unique account and see what their child has been getting up to throughout the Nursery day.

Price list

Full Day
7.30am – 6.00pm
Full Week
7.30am – 6.00pm | Monday – Friday
School Day
9.30am – 4.00pm
Half Day AM
7.30am – 12.30pm
Half Day PM
1.30pm – 6.00pm
Extended AM (inc. lunch)
7.30am – 1.30pm
Extended PM (inc. lunch)
12.30pm – 6.00pm
Ad-hoc Hourly Rate
7.00am – 7.00pm