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The Baby Bee’s Room is home to our youngest members of the Nursery…

This room has been carefully designed to ensure that the babies are within a warm, calm and nurturing environment. The room has been separated into two areas: a lovely soft cosy carpeted area, which forms part of the sleep area and wooden altro safety flooring to allow for all those messy play activities and meal time routines to take place! The room has an adjoining door into The Bumble Bee’s Room, which makes for an easier transition when the time comes. The Baby Bee’s room has a sleeping area, changing area, small kitchen, a cosy area and play area, as well as access to the garden through the French doors.

Your Child’s Key Person

Once your child starts with us at the Nursery, they will be assigned a Key Person, who is responsible for ensuring that your child’s learning and care is tailored to meet their own individual needs.

Here at Queen Bee’s Day Nursery, we strive to ensure that children build positive relationships with all team members as well as their Key Person, ensuring they consistently feel to be within a secure environment, even in the absence of their Key Person.

Your child’s Key Person will work closely with yourselves, to ensure that communication is kept consistent to achieve the best possible outcomes. Your child will receive a Daily Report at the end of their session and this will inform you of what they have eaten and how much, sleep and nappy times and all of the fun activities they have been getting up to throughout the day!


Every child will have their own individual care plan drawn up on starting the Nursery, which states important information, including any allergies and intolerances they may have, as well any Cultural and Dietary Requirements to be catered for . We cater for all children’s individual dietary needs. Careful discussion at the initial meeting will allow us to determine how we may need to adapt our Menu to suit your child’s individual needs. The Baby Bee’s room has its own Kitchen but is only used for serving food, bottle preparation and food preparation for our cooking activities!

Please see our Nutrition Page which will give you further information on the food we provide our children.

Parents as Partners

We fully promote the ‘Parents as Partners’ concept at Queen Bee’s Day Nursery. Parents and/or carers know their children better than anyone, so we believe that it is vital to work together to achieve the best outcomes for every child. The communication that takes place between the staff in this room and parents/carers, ensures that all routines are kept consistent. All information regarding your child, such as their sleep patterns, meal times, activities participated in and so forth, will be carefully logged onto your Daily feedback form for you to read at the end of every day.
We welcome and embrace Parents/Carers into the Setting to participate in various events that they can enjoy and experience with their child. Whether it be Fundraising Events, Parents Evenings, Craft Mornings, Fun Days and more, we love Parents to share and experience these special moments with their children during their time at Nursery. Our children and their families are at the heart of the Nursery and are at the centre of everything we do.
Parents Evenings
We hold three Parents Evenings throughout the year, which is an opportunity for us to share with you your child’s progress and development. We are always available for any potential concerns or worries you may have but our set Parents Evenings allow for time outside of the Nursery, dedicated to yourselves to reflect on progress and push forward with new goals you would like your child to achieve.

Soft Play Gym

Children within the Baby Bee’s room participate in daily sessions within the Soft Play/Sensory Room, promoting their fine and gross motor physical development. Babies and toddlers are provided with ample sensory activities, including coloured lights, different tactile materials and various sounds for them to experience and explore. Large shapes and blocks promote tummy time, rolling, crawling, moving and encourages all developmental milestones to be reached.. It is the ideal safe environment for babies to risk take…especially when they gain that confidence and independence to become mobile!

Our Values

We respect that all children and their families have their own values and beliefs and we will work tirelessly to meet your own individual and specific needs. We encourage children’s independence across all areas of development and continuously support them to reach new goals and achievements.


– We ask that you provide your baby’s nappies as many Parents/Carers will have different preferences to which style suit their child best

– Any Nappy Care creams/ointments that can be kept at Nursery, labelled clearly with your child’s name

– Enough changes of clothes to allow for all of those messy play activities and meal time routines

Yes. Within the Baby Room, we ensure that the children are able to access the Outdoor Environment and will dress them accordingly depending on the weather! During the Summer months we limit our exposure to the Sun and are lucky to have an outdoor canopy providing shade.

We believe that working in Partnership with Parents is paramount to ensure the welfare of the children in our care is priority and their individual needs are consistently met. We welcome and embrace all information shared to us by Parents/Carers during the Key handover times, enabling us to implement this throughout the day. We hold our Parent’s Evenings three times a year, which give us the opportunity to share with you in detail your child’s progress and working together to set new milestones and targets we are collectively working to achieve.

Price List – Baby Bees

Full day
7.30am – 6.00pm
Full week
7.30am – 6.00pm | Monday – Friday
School day
9.30am – 4.00pm
Half day am
7.30am – 12.30pm
Half day pm
1.30am – 6.00pm
Extended am (inc lunch)
7.30am – 1.30pm
Extended pm (inc lunch)
12.30am – 6.00pm
Ad-hoc hourly rate
7.00am – 7.00pm